Talent Show 2015

An annual Swallowtail tradition, we had another standing-room-only talent show last night in the barn. Anything goes in a Swallowtail Talent show, and we saw a little bit of everything represented, including an impressive showing of Early Childhood student performances! There were songs ranging from Itsy Bitsy Spider, to the Crawdad Song, to Katy Perry's Roar (not to mention an excellent Greek alphabet song). We also saw a gymnastics duet and several dancers. Among the more unique presentations, we had dog and parakeet tricks, and even a sword fight! And jokes, oh so many jokes! As Ms. Alyssa, our long-time coordinator and MC for this event said, "The audience is smart tonight!". She couldn't even surprise them with little-known animal facts. (Do you know how many hearts an octopus has?)

As it is every year, Swallowtail's Talent Show is not a competition. Everyone is invited to bring their "talent" to share - whatever that may be. Everyone receives warm applause and appreciation from the audience. We look forward to many more years of Talent Show ahead. Thank you Ms. Alyssa and all those who performed and supported performances last night!