Early Childhood Program

Swallowtail offers an Early Childhood Program for infants through age six:

Parent-Child Classes are for children from birth to age 3, to be attended with a parent or guardian. Classes are held on Mondays from 9am-11:30am.

Pre-School is for 3-year old children who are toilet independent. There are 3- and 4-day options. Classes are held Tuesday-Friday from 8:45am-1:00pm.

Mixed Age Kindergarten for ages 4-6. There are 4- and 5-day options. Classes are held Monday-Friday, with Mondays optional, from 8:45am-1:00pm.

At Swallowtail, we recognize the significance of the growing years to the young child. We provide a learning environment filled with warmth, joy, imagination, simplicity, and safety. The Early Childhood classrooms are an environment that support and nourish all areas of your child's early development.

The Early Childhood Program works as an extension of the home - a place where the child is comfortable and safe; a place that builds confidence, character, and social independence. We embrace early childhood as a time of rapid development in the discovery of the child and the child's relationship to the world.

The teachers take great care in planning indoor and outdoor exploration. A rhythm is created that guides the child's days, weeks, and year through activities that are meaningful and that the child can embrace in an age-appropriate manner.

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