The gift card that's also a gift to Swallowtail

Scrip acts as gift card for common retailers.  When you buy the gift card for a place like New Seasons, Whole Foods, Fred Meyer, Chipotle, or Burgerville., the retailer donates a percent of the card's value right to Swallowtail. For instance, if you buy a $100 Scrip card to use at Pizza Schmizza, you also raise $10 for Swallowtail! These rebates add up very quickly— especially when many families participate.

There are two ways to order scrip: Online, or in person. To make an online purchase, with scrip available to you on-the-spot, download the Benefit Mobile app to your phone, tablet, or computer, select 'Swallowtail Waldorf School and Farm' as the beneficiary, and link your checking account. The verification process takes 1-2 days, although once you're linked, purchases are nearly instantaneous.

You can email Development Coordinator Emily with an order (generally placed the Tuesday before the 15th of each month), at the Sales Table every Friday afternoon at Grades Pick-Up, Thursdays at EC pick-up or at the Front Office. 



Photo by RomarioIen/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by RomarioIen/iStock / Getty Images