Lower Grades 1 - 5


During the early years of Lower Grades (1-3) the curriculum slowly unfolds from the experiential learning of kindergarten to include more lesson work. At this stage, the curriculum and class environments are designed to allow children to enjoy the innocence of childhood. Families are encouraged to limit media exposure to maintain healthy routines at home that allow their children to fully experience childhood without the worries and cares of adult life.

The later years of Lower Grades (4-5) include much more lesson work, with homework being introduced halfway through Grade 3. Having established a strong foundation of basic mathematics and literacy in the previous years, Fourth and Fifth graders are ready for more rigorous academics.

Every aspect of the curriculum is designed to inspire imagination, cultivate creativity, encourage freedom of thought and expression, and promote problem-solving.

In most cases, we like for children to be age 6 by June 1st of the year in which they begin Grade 1.

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